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Tax return Belgium

A tax return in Belgium is mandatory for everyone working in the country – even if their work lasted a few months or they were not permanently registered. To do so, it is necessary to submit a tax return before the end of the tax year.

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Tax return Belgium

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How do I settle tax from Belgium in my country of residence?

What is Loonfiche 281.10 and what is it used for?

No Loonfiche – what then?

What documents are useful for my tax return in Belgium?

By when do I have to submit my tax return to the Belgian authorities?

What is the nature of the tax thresholds in Belgium?

Who has to account for Belgian tax?

What are the penalties for not filing a tax return?

How long is the wait for a tax refund from Belgium?

How much tax return from Belgium can I expect?

Tax return Belgium

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Tax return Belgium
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Our tax law firm offers a service to recover overpaid tax for working in Belgium. So if you are a person who works or has worked legally in Belgium and you are looking for a tax refund – we can help. Below, we have prepared a mini-guide for you on settlements in this country and how the whole refund procedure works.


Belgium tax return 2024 – benefit from reliefs

The annual tax return from Belgium allows you to claim a number of attractive, from a taxpayer’s perspective, reliefs, discounts and allowances. By working with our tax office, you will be able to take advantage of all the benefits that the Belgian government has prepared for employees. We will help you to complete all the documents, provide you with the necessary information and quickly obtain your tax refund.

Tax refund from Belgium – what benefits can you count on?

As we have already mentioned, a tax return from Belgium entails the possibility to benefit from a number of tax reliefs. However, the Belgian tax office needs your annual return to decide what you can claim. In addition to your documents, a minimum of 75% of your total income from work in Belgium is still a condition. If you want to get information on whether you meet this condition, try to obtain an EU/EWR certificate. As part of your settlement, you can benefit from the following reliefs:

  • relief for a non-working or low earning wife,
  • relief for a minor child
  • relief for a disabled wife,
  • relief for disabled child/children.

Tax in Belgium – is it possible settlement with a spouse?

Belgian law provides for the possibility to make an annual joint return with your spouse. This allows you to claim a much higher tax refund than if you settled on your own. If your spouse does not work or earns little, a joint return can be extremely beneficial for you and is worth taking advantage of.

Tax refund Belgium – what tax rates apply?

The tax rate is a percentage that helps to calculate the total amount of income tax attributable to a taxpayer. As far as Belgium is concerned, there are five tax rates, which are defined as percentages and are as follows: 25, 30, 40, 45 i 50%. Which tax rate you are subject to depends primarily on your earnings during the tax year in question. Bear in mind, however, that income such as dividends is taxable under separate legislation. This is important if your remuneration consists of several components. If you need help, we can assist you with any formalities to prepare you for your tax return.

How is income tax calculated in Belgium?

If your income exceeds the tax-free amount in any way, you have to pay the applicable income tax on the excess you have earned. The principle is relatively simple – the more you earn, the more you pay, which means that there is a progressive tax.

Tax settlement in Belgium 2024 – how to get a refund?

Recovering the refund of overpaid tax for working in Belgium is closely linked to the annual return that applies to every employee there. If you want to get your money back, you must correctly fill in the required documents and wait for the tax office’s decision (usually it is positive).

Tax from Belgium – tax-free allowance

Tax law in Belgium is in many ways different to that faced by Polish taxpayers, but one analogy can also be found. Well, both countries have introduced a tax-free amount into their legislation. In Belgium, this is a highly variable element that is linked to the life situation of the taxpayer in question. Currently, the basic amount is set at more than €10,160.

When is the tax refund paid in Belgium?

The most common case is to wait about six months for a tax refund from Belgium. However, you must be prepared for the fact that the whole procedure can be prolonged due to its complexity. This is because the Belgian tax office has to check a number of factors such as the amount of earnings, the place of work, the taxpayer’s family situation and any allowances to which they are entitled. If you are keen to reduce your tax return time as much as possible, you should use our law firm.

We provide an online service, which means that you can upload all documents electronically. This will significantly speed up the processing of your paperwork. We are aware that everyone cares about time, which is why we strive to make our actions fast and, most importantly, effective. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in tax settlements from many European countries, we know what measures to use to ensure you get the highest possible tax refund for your work in Belgium.

How much time do I have to settle my tax in Belgium 2024?

As an employee legally employed in Belgium, you are obliged to settle your tax with the tax authorities there. This is also a condition for later claiming a possible refund of any overpaid income tax. Under Belgian law, taxpayers can settle up to three years backwards, which means that you have the chance to recover your money even if you have not been in Belgium for a long time and do not work for any Belgian employer. Remember, however, that the sooner you settle your tax, the sooner the refund will appear in your account in the form of an additional cash injection.

Tax from Belgium – what documents do I need?

Just like in Poland, in order to settle your tax in Belgium you need to provide the tax office with relevant documents confirming your remuneration and paid advance payments for income tax. Above all, the Belgian tax office needs from you:

  • fiche 281.10,
  • EU/EWR certificate with details of your income in other countries,
  • a personal questionnaire,
  • a copy of your identity document.
  • a power of attorney (if required). You will find a power of attorney for electronic settlement in many places on the web, which will speed up the entire settlement process considerably, and your declaration can be filed in the Tax-on-web system.

Is it compulsory to settle with the Belgian tax authorities?

Whether or not you want to benefit from a tax refund, the Belgian tax office can send you a form called Aangifte in de Belasting van niet-inwoners. This is a call for tax returns. It is usually sent out to taxpayers after the holiday season (September to December). If you receive a summons, you are obliged to respond to it by sending the relevant document to the tax office. Importantly, you can forward the required documents to us and we will check everything and look for the best solution to your issues with the Belgian tax office. Meeting the deadlines indicated in the summons is very important due to the risk of a financial penalty being imposed on you.

Tax refunds from Belgium – get help

We are able to help you both with your settlement with the Belgian tax authorities and with claiming your overpaid tax refund. We provide you with information at every stage of our cooperation. We will explain the whole procedure to you and make sure you get your money back quickly. We know how the Belgian authorities work, we know the specifics of the Belgian tax system and we know what measures to take to maximise your chances of success. If in doubt, contact us and get the necessary information. We remain at your full disposal.

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