Zorgtoeslag – insurance supplement in the Netherlands

If you are or have been legally employed in the Netherlands, it is a sign that you can claim the insurance supplement. Find out the most important information about Zorgtoeslag and how you can recover the money you have paid in. If your earnings do not exceed €38520, or €48224 in the case of married couples, you will be entitled to a contribution to compulsory health insurance in the Netherlands. Contact us, we will take care of all the necessary formalities for you!

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    Zorgtoeslag – what is it?

    According to Dutch law, every employee who is employed under a legal contract must have a basic health insurance package. If you work through a temporary employment agency, such a package is in most cases guaranteed by your Dutch employer, who deducts the cost of your insurance coverage from your salary.

    In order to compensate employees for insurance costs incurred, the Dutch government offers the possibility to apply to the Belastingdienst Toeslagen for a special subsidy called Zorgtoeslag. The benefit is often confused with the insurance reimbursement from the Netherlands, which could be obtained until 2006. In this case, however, we are talking about something completely different. Indeed, Zorgtoeslag is due to the employee even if he or she is receiving medical care from the Dutch health system.

    Insurance supplement Netherlands – how to get it?

    In order to be able to apply for Zorgtoeslag, it is necessary to prepare and submit a special application. The document should go to the Belastingdienst Toeslagen. You can also make use of our services. We will take care of the formalities and obtain the grant for you. If you decide to seek our assistance, please provide:

    • The last 3 episodes from the Dutch payday,
    • bank account number,
    • Dutch tax card (Jaaropgaaf) from all Dutch employers in the relevant tax year,
    • certificate of health insurance payment in the Netherlands – verzekerde periode overzicht, bevestiging inschrijving zorgverzekering or E-104.

    If you do not have any of the documents mentioned above, you can apply for them from your employer or the company with which you have insurance. If you take out more than one policy, with more than one insurance company in a given year, you will need a certificate from each of them.

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    Zorgtoeslag – how long to wait?

    The application for the insurance subsidy must be submitted to the nearest tax office, and the waiting time for a decision on the subsidy will depend on the date on which all documents are submitted.

    If the application is at the Office by 01.04.2024, there is a chance of receiving a preliminary decision more quickly and avoiding a long wait for the final decision. In this case, the verification procedure will take around 8 weeks. At the latest, the application for the Zorgtoeslag benefit must be submitted to the Dutch office by 01.09 of the following year. So, for example, for the year 2023, we must submit the form to the relevant authority before 01.09.2024.

    If the date of termination of employment in the Netherlands is not included in the application, payments will automatically be extended for the following year. We must therefore remember to inform the tax office when the employment ends, so that the tax office can stop sending us the allowance that we are no longer entitled to. This can take several months, so at some point the amount of the wrongly awarded allowance will be very high and the Belastingdienst will demand its full reimbursement.

    Download the documents and apply for the insurance subsidy

    Download and complete the documents and then send to our email address. Remember to pay for the application.

    Zorgtoeslag – documents to download
    Rodo – consent to processing of personal data

    Zorgtoeslag – how much can you get?

    When you apply, you declare your gross annual income, on the basis of which the subsidy rate is paid. The more you earn, the lower the subsidy you will receive from the Belastingdienst.

    The allowance for 2022 was a maximum of €111 for each month you were covered. This amount applied to those with an annual income of no more than €21,500 gross. For the allowance for 2023, we are looking at €154 for an income of a maximum of €25,000 gross. For 2024, the maximum monthly allowance is €123.

    Below is the monthly amount that the Dutch tax office will pay you for 2023 for the insurance allowance, depending on your annual income.

    22 000 € – 111€

    22 500 € – 109€

    23 000 € – 104€

    23 500 € – 98€

    24 000 € – 92€

    24 500 € – 87€

    25 000 € – 81€

    25 500 € – 75€

    26 000 € – 69€

    26 500 € – 64€

    27 000 € – 58€

    27 500 € – 52€

    28 000 € – 47€

    28 500 € – 41€

    29 000 € – 35€

    29 500 € – 30€

    30 000 € – 24€

    30 500 € – 18€

    31 000 € – 13€

    31 500 € – 7€

    Zorgtoeslag – how is it paid?

    The health allowance can be paid in two ways:

    • advance reimbursement – paid in monthly advances on each 20th of a given month throughout the year,
    • one-off reimbursement – a one-off payment of the entire amount after the end of the year for which you receive the insurance subsidy.

    We can decide on the form of payment of the insurance subsidy in the Netherlands ourselves and it will depend on our personal preferences. We need to decide whether a one-off large cash injection or evenly spread payments will be more profitable for us.

    In a situation where you do not know what your gross income will be, it is better to apply for a one-off refund. You will only receive the appropriate amount from the Tax Office once you have found out about your earnings from the Jaaropgaaf tax card you receive from your employer, and you will avoid having to repay the amount overpaid by the Tax Office – if your income is higher than declared, you will be entitled to less funding and there may be a difference that needs to be repaid.

    Zorgtoeslag Netherlands – who can benefit?

    The funding is available to those who:

    • are over the age of 18,
    • paid health insurance in the Netherlands,
    • have an annual income of no more than € 38 520 (individually) or € 48 224 (with a spouse).

    Insurance supplement Netherlands – until when?

    According to the current regulations, you can apply for the Dutch insurance supplement for 2023 until 31.08.2024. Please note that the sooner you apply, the sooner the allowance will appear in your account.

    If you have any problems filling in your application or do not know how to obtain the necessary documents, please contact us. We will be happy to help you with all the formalities involved in obtaining Zorgtoeslag. This will save you a lot of time and unnecessary stress and you will enjoy the money you are entitled to as soon as possible.

    We encourage you to use our services – we offer comprehensive support related to tax return from the Netherlands and other European countries. We guarantee a professional approach and an effective solution to every problem fully online – welcome.

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