Mała emerytura z Belgii - czy trzeba rozliczać ją w Belgii?

Small pension from Belgium and settlement obligation in Belgium

On entering the European Union, those working legally in Belgium were covered by social security and thus entitled to a state pension. The state pension depends on the number of years of work and earnings; a minimum of 45 years of work is required to receive the full benefit.

Retirement in Belgium – the three-tier system

As we mentioned above, the amount of the state pension depends on the amount of contributions and the period of their payment. Occupational pensions are additionally funded by employers, offering better benefits through pension plans. Private savings, the third pillar, encourages individual saving for retirement

Retirement in Belgium and retirement age

To apply for a Belgian pension, you must meet several requirements. First of all, you must be at least 65 years old (although there are some exceptions). You must also have a sufficient number of years of work in Belgium. For an occupational pension, you must have at least 45 years of service, while for self-employed and clerical pensions, at least 40 years of service are required.

Temporary (seasonal) work and entitlement to a pension in Belgium

Temporary work in Belgium builds up pension capital, but it must be remembered that if the period of work is shorter than 14040 days (45 years), the benefit paid will be proportionally lower.

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Small pension and tax liability in Belgium

According to Belgian tax law, every income, even the smallest one, must be declared (accounted for) to the Belgian tax authorities. The obligation to declare also applies to Belgian pensions, even those amounting to a few hundred euros. In case of non-accounting or delay, the Belgian tax authorities may charge a penalty ranging from €50 to as much as €1250, and it is possible that the tax due will be increased by as much as 10 % to as much as 200 %!

Documents for the settlement of a pension from Belgium

To meet our clients’ expectations, we have simplified our procedures to the maximum. To prepare your tax return, we need from you:

personal questionnaire
proxy with copy of ID

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