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A PD-U1 certificate is a document confirming the period of employment and the payment of social security contributions by a foreign employer. You can obtain this certificate from the employment service in the country where you earned your income. You may need it to complete a number of formalities in our country, so it is worth obtaining such a form before returning to your home country – if you do not already have such a document from the Netherlands, the Borsuk tax office will obtain it for you. We invite you to make use of our services!

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    What is a PD U1?

    The PD U1 is an international form that is valid throughout the European Union. Its form is standardised so that it is readable in any country, regardless of language. It is a certificate documenting the period of time during which contributions were paid in the country in question during the period of remuneration, so it can also be used as a certificate of employment from abroad. Once issued, the certificate is perpetual, and there is no possibility of it becoming time-barred – you can use it at any time.

    PD U1 Netherlands – why should you add up your periods of employment?

    If you are returning to your home country from temporary work in the Netherlands, be sure to obtain a U1 employment certificate. This is issued by the relevant authorities and confirms the period of employment and the payment of social security contributions by the employer. This information about the length of time you have worked can be very important when applying for various social benefits in your home country. If we have no way of documenting this, we may miss out on a great many benefits resulting from the payment of contributions.

    What does the U1 form confirm?

    By adding up periods of insurance and employment, your work performed outside your home country is counted as part of your length of service, which is important when applying for unemployment benefit and forms the basis for its calculation and payment. Periods of contribution in a foreign country are also taken into account when calculating your pension.

    When will you need a PD U1 certificate from the Netherlands?

    Typically, our clients apply for a PD U1 certificate when they want one:

    • acquire the right to unemployment benefits in EU/EEA countries,
    • apply for a pension from EU/EEA countries,
    • calculate the basis for annual leave.

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    PD U1 form – higher pension benefit

    Anyone who works in the Netherlands has the right to count his or her working time in the Netherlands towards a pension in the country of residence. While working abroad, a temporary worker is credited with years of work, which can be added to the time worked in the home country in the future. However, the relevant authorities in our country do not automatically know about the contributions we have paid, as they do not have access to this information. Therefore, in order to avoid an employment gap, we must fill it by submitting a PD U1 form for the years of work in the Netherlands.

    Form e-301 – what is it?

    You will also repeatedly come across questions about ‘form e301 Netherlands‘. This is because this is what the document used to be called. Nowadays, the PD U1 printout has exactly the same function and only the name has changed, which is why they are still often unofficially used interchangeably among taxpayers. If e301 is mentioned anywhere, it is a document certifying years of work in the Netherlands.

    How do I obtain a PD U1 certificate from the Netherlands?

    If you wish to obtain a PD U1 certificate for your period of work in the Netherlands, you should submit a UWV application to the relevant office (the procedure is similar in each country). You will need the following information to complete the application form:

    • DigiD or other European-recognised login method,
    • national insurance number,
    • the address details of your most recent employer.

    You don’t have to wait for your contract to end, the form for the certificate of years worked in the Netherlands can be filled in and sent online 4 weeks before your employment ends. So it is worth thinking about doing the paperwork a little earlier, when you already know that you want to end your adventure with the Netherlands. You will probably have a lot of things on your mind during this period – if you don’t want to deal with any more problems, you can contact our tax office and we will get you a certificate for the years you worked in the Netherlands.

    We will be happy to assist you with all the paperwork and explain the issues related to both PD U1 and the recovery of overpaid tax from other countries such as Austria, Germany or Belgium as well.

    Entrust your paperwork to the specialists at our tax office!

    The staff of the Borsuk Tax Office have the necessary knowledge of the tax laws of the most popular countries to which our compatriots travel. We know very well how to protect your money. We have been assisting in settlements with foreign tax authorities for many years and have solved the most problematic situations. Contact us with your Dutch tax return and we will take care of the whole arduous process of recovering the contributions due to you for you.

    Contact us, tell us about the case you want to handle and submit the necessary documents. We guarantee a fast and completely online service. You are welcome – BorsukPodatki.pl

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