Het Groeipakket

Family allowance in Belgium is granted from one month after the birth of the child. If your little one was born on 10 May, for example, you will be entitled to your first benefit from June onwards. Importantly, the child benefit is paid up to the age of 18 or, if your child will be studying, up to the age of 25.

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    Family allowance in Belgium Het Groeipakket – who does it apply to?

    According to the reforms introduced on 1 January 2019, almost every child living in the Flemish region receives the so-called Het Groeipakket. Loosely translated, this stands for family and childcare benefit package. For children born before 01.01.2019, the previous rules will apply with regard to monthly family benefits and age-related allowances, while the school bonus will be paid according to the new law in force.

    Het Groeipakket – how much is it?

    Under Belgian law, child benefit is paid monthly usually to the mother’s account. In cases where the child is already living alone, it is also possible to receive money from the Belgian government. As of 1 January 2019, the payment of child benefit is no longer the responsibility of the federal government, but of separate federal entities. In practice, this therefore means that each sets its own amounts of aid and makes payments according to its own rules.

    For example, in the Walloon region, the applicable rates are:

    • child from 0 to 17 years – €161.26 per month,
    • child from 18 to 24 years – €171.67 per month.

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    Family in Belgium – Het Groeipakket in the Flemish Region

    As of 2019, Flanders has introduced a new social benefit system, which it has named Groeipakket. The main idea was to combine all the financial allowances offered by the Flemish government to children living in the region. So it is possible to benefit from child allowance, childcare, nursery, school, etc. All that matters is that the child was born after 1 January 2019. If your child was born earlier, nothing changes and the benefit is calculated under the old rules.

    For children born after 31.12.2018, it consists of several benefits such as:

    • Starter allowance ‘startbedrag’ – equivalent to childbirth/adoption allowance,
    • basic allowance “basisbedrag” – monthly family benefits,
    • schoolbonus bonus – an education allowance paid once a year.

    Child start allowance in Belgium

    For the birth or adoption of a child in Flanders, you will receive a starting amount of € 1190.68. It does not matter here whether it is your first child or each subsequent child. The amount is fixed and paid in a single payment. You can apply for the benefit from the 6th month of pregnancy until 5 years after the birth of your child. If you give birth before the birth, you must provide a doctor’s certificate with the approximate date of birth, and in the case of an adopted child, a copy of the adoption application.

    Basic family from Belgium

    The basic amount of child benefit in Belgium is €171.49 per month and is intended to help cover the costs of raising a child. The entitlement to basic child benefit in Belgium is for each child who has not yet reached the age of 18. It is possible to collect Het Groeipakket even for an adult child up to the age of 25 if he or she is pursuing higher education.

    Family Belgium – school allowance

    The school allowance under the Het Groeipakket is paid each year in August for each child. Interestingly, it is also due to the youngest children who have not yet started kindergarten. How much is the family school bonus in Belgium? The amount of the allowance depends on the age of the child and is as follows:

    • 0 to 4 years – €21.65 per year,
    • 5 to 11 years – €37.88 per year,
    • 12 to 17 years – €54.12 per year,
    • 18 to 25 years – €64.94 per year,

    Het Groeipakket for single people

    If you are a worker legally employed in Belgium and you are a single parent, you may receive an augmented allowance. However, your earnings are the most important factor here.

    Het Groeipakket – get help

    As you can see, the rules and the scope of social benefits can vary depending on the specific region of Belgium. So if you want to make sure that you take full advantage of the opportunities offered by Belgian law, use our services. At BorsukPodatki.pl, we will help you to prepare the relevant documents for child benefit in Belgium and to apply for the benefit.

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