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Tax return Sweden

The Swedish tax return is compulsory for those who legally work in the country. This rule applies to both Swedes and people coming from abroad – anyone who has earned income legally must submit an annual tax return to the Swedish tax office by 2 May.
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Tax return Sweden

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Frequently asked questions

By when should income in Sweden be accounted for?

Can I receive a penalty for not clearing on time?

It all depends on the international double taxation treaty concluded. Contact your local tax office on this matter.

How many years back can income from Sweden be accounted for?

What is the Skatteverket?

What is ‘Inkomstdeklaration 1’?

What documents are needed to settle income from Sweden?

What is a Personnummer?

What are KU-10, KU-13,KU-14 forms?What are KU-10, KU-13,KU-14 forms?

What allowances (deductions) can be applied to the Swedish tax return?

Is it possible to settle with a spouse?Is it possible to settle with a spouse?

How long does it take to get a tax refund from Sweden?How long does it take to get a tax refund from Sweden?

What is SINK?

Czym jest Request for review?

Tax return Sweden

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Tax return Sweden

Have you worked in Sweden and don’t know how to go about the tax refund procedure? If so, you couldn’t have come to a better place. Our company has been dealing with foreign tax settlements for years, so when you start cooperation with us, you can count on comprehensive help with Swedish tax refund. Below you will find a mini-guide, in which we have described the most important issues related to the settlement of work in this country – find out more about the current regulations and do not let the Swedish tax office surprise you. We encourage you to read it and use the offer of our office. How to settle the tax in Sweden? The best with Borsuk Podatki – welcome!

Swedish tax settlement – who does it apply to and by when should I file my 2024 tax return?

The Swedish tax return is mandatory for anyone who earns income in the country in a legal manner. It takes place after the end of the tax year (which is the same as the calendar year – it runs from 1 January to 31 December). What are the deadlines for submitting the return to the Swedish tax authorities?

  • Persons who do not have tax resident status in Sweden and are subject to limited tax liability (employees residing in the country for less than six months) have until 2 May  at the latest to deliver the return to the Skatteverket.
  • Those who have tax resident status and are subject to unlimited tax liability in Sweden must also prepare a return by 2 May.

Non-settlement of tax in Sweden – is there anything to be afraid of?

It may happen that a taxpayer is late with submitting the tax return to the Skatteverket, or that the taxpayer is completely negligent and does not settle the tax in Sweden. What happens in such a case? The Swedish system works in such a way that such a person can be automatically cleared on the basis of information received from the employer and the bank. However, it is worth bearing in mind that failure to submit the return may lead to a financial penalty amounting even to SEK 1250, i.e. aprox. €150

Swedish tax refund 2024 – what documents should I prepare?

If you want to receive tax refund from Sweden and settle your claim with Swedish tax office beforehand, you should prepare set of documents. What will you need?

  • KU-10, KU-13 or KU-14 (the form you receive from your employer, which contains information about your earnings).
  • Lonseddel/Lonslip (pay slip; useful if you do not have a KU-10, KU-13 or KU-14).
  • EU/EEA form.
  • BankID codes or password for the clearing system.
  • Copy of identity card or passport.

Settlement Skatteverket – Sweden. Which tax reliefs can I benefit from?

The Swedish tax system at the moment provides for a number of write-offs that allow you to save a considerable amount of money. The most popular allowances in Sweden include:

  • deduction of commuting costs from your country of residence to Sweden and from Sweden to your country of residence,
  • deduction of costs of commuting to work in Sweden,
  • deduction of costs of a double household,
  • deduction of subsistence allowance for the first 30 days of residence,
  • deduction of interest on mortgage loan,
  • deduction of payments for pension contributions.

Tax settlement from Sweden in the country of residence (origin) – is it mandatory?

It is worth knowing that most European countries and Sweden have a double taxation treaty. Contact your local tax office to ascertain whether you need to settle income from Sweden in your country of residence.

Tax return from Sweden 2024 – get the money back

If you are wondering how to settle your tax from Sweden, do not hesitate – contact our firm. We will help you to recover the money you have earned, so that you get a solid injection of cash into your account. All you need to do is prepare the relevant documents and send them to our office. We will take care of the rest ourselves and remain open for contact if you have any questions. We have many years of experience in tax settlement from Sweden – find out for yourself today. Trust the professionals and enjoy a safe and fast tax refund – welcome!

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