Odzyskaj Lohnsteuerbescheinigung – niemiecką kartę podatkową

Recover Lohnsteuerbescheinigung – German tax card

A Lohnsteuerbescheinigung is a German tax card that is necessary to settle tax from Germany. It is issued at the end of the year by the employer(s) in cases where the taxpayer has worked in several places during the year. However, it may happen that the supervisor does not provide us with such a document. What should you do in such a case? The best thing to do is to use the help of an experienced foreign settlement office, such as BorsukPodatki.pl. Check out our offer and use it today – welcome!

Issuing a Lohnsteuerbescheinigung – an employer’s obligation in Germany

German employers who employ people on the basis of an employment contract are obliged to issue a tax card to the employee by the end of February of the following year at the latest – unless it is a public holiday, in which case the deadline is postponed to the 1st working day of March.

Lohnsteuerbescheinigung – tax card without which you cannot settle your tax in Germany

The Lohnsteuerbescheinigung is the most important settlement document. It contains a lot of important information needed to calculate the tax liability such as:

  • the income earned by the taxpayer in the relevant tax year,
  • the amount of advance income tax withheld,
  • the amount of insurance premiums paid,
  • tax class,tax class,
  • Identifikationsnummer, the equivalent of a local identification number.

What if there is no Lohnsteuerbescheinigung?

As we mentioned in the introduction – it has sometimes happened that our clients have not been issued with a tax card, or worse – it has gone missing. What to do in such a case?

It is best to contact your employer to have the card re-issued. However, if you have lost your card, you can apply to the tax authority – in Germany there are provisions for issuing a duplicate of this type of document. The issuing of a duplicate is mandatory and the employer is obliged to keep the documents for 10 years.

However, this is best left in the hands of a professional foreign settlement office. Our team is experienced in dealing with employers as well as the Finanzamt (German tax office). We are able to retrieve your documents in a few days, so you can quickly file your tax return and count on a possible tax return from Germany – we can help with that too!

We invite you to contact us and make use of our tax law firm – Borsuk Podatki.

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