Belastingdienst account confirmation

If you want to apply for a tax refund from the Netherlands, you should be aware that you need to register and confirm your current bank account on the website of the Dutch tax office in advance. This procedure is not complicated – however, it sometimes causes problems for our compatriots – mainly due to the language barrier. How do I set up and confirm my account with the Belastingdienst?

An up-to-date bank account with Belastingdienst – why is this important?

Every taxpayer who works in the Netherlands is required to send details of his or her current bank account to the Dutch tax authorities. This information is necessary in order to be able to count on receiving a tax refund from this country. This is because the tax overpayment is sent in the form of a transfer to a pre-designated bank number.

Belastingdienst account registration – when is it necessary?

When should I think about registering a bank account with the Belastingdienst? We can distinguish between two situations:

Keeping your account up to date in the system – important in the eyes of the tax office

It is worth being aware that the confirmation of your bank account in the system is very important to Belastingdienst. Why?

Firstly, out-of-date data will cause the tax return from the Netherlands to take much longer – mainly due to calls from the Dutch office to declare the bank account. Secondly – and worse – failure to update the data may result in the money being transferred to an outdated bank account, and we may even lose several thousand euros.

Registering a bank account with Belastingdienst – what else do you need to know?

It is worth bearing in mind the change in legislation that took place a few years ago. Since 2012, the Belastingdienst has been carefully verifying taxpayers’ bank accounts – back in 2011, to receive a tax refund transfer, it was enough to provide any account number. Today, however, it is not so easy – the Dutch tax office will only transfer the money to us if:

  • we are the owner or joint owner of the account,
  • we will send you a statement of account no older than 3 months,
  • prześlemy czytelną kopię dokumentu tożsamości,
  • submit a written instruction to register or change your bank account.

We will quickly and efficiently register your account with Belastingdienst!

If you need help with registering your account with the Belastingdienst, please use our consultants. Our office is staffed by experienced specialists for whom official and tax matters are the daily bread. Contact our office and don’t worry about the formalities – we invite you!

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