O co chodzi w Kurzarbeit?

Kurzarbeit – part-time work in Germany

‘Part-time’ work in Germany, also known as Kurzarbeit, is a topic that raises many questions and doubts. In this article, we explain everything you need to know about it.

What is Kurzarbeit?

Kurzarbeit is the German term for part-time work. It is a form of employment in which employees work fewer hours than usual or than specified in their employment contract. Such reduced working hours can be due to various reasons, such as economic downturns, lack of orders or natural disasters.

When can a company introduce reduced working hours – Kurzarbeit?

Companies in Germany can introduce reduced working hours when they are faced with a significant loss of orders, for economic reasons or due to an unavoidable event. When introducing reduced working hours, the company must try to prevent the loss of orders, for example by giving employees leave. The company must also plan for a return to normal working hours in the near future.

Compensation for reduced working hours (Kurzarbeitergeld)

Compensation for reduced working hours, known as Kurzarbeitergeld, is an unemployment insurance benefit. It is a form of financial support for employees who earn less or nothing at all during reduced working hours. This compensation is paid by the Federal Employment Agency (Arbeitsagentur) in Germany.

Remuneration for Kurzarbeit

Compensation for reduced working hours is calculated on the basis of the net wages lost. As a rule, it amounts to 60 per cent of the lost net wage. If there is at least one child in the household, the compensation for reduced working hours is 67 per cent of the lost net wages.

Can employers in Germany impose Kurzarbeit?

In Germany, reduced working hours interfere with the employer’s and the employee’s obligations, so companies cannot unilaterally impose reduced working hours. The decision to introduce shortened working hours must be agreed with all employees who are to be affected or with the works council.

Social security contributions during reduced working hours

During reduced working hours, employers and employees pay into social security. For working time lost due to the introduction of shortened working hours, social security contributions are reduced to 80 per cent. These costs are borne solely by the employer, but are reimbursed by the Federal Employment Agency.

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Kurzarbeit and tax liability in germany

Anyone earning more than €410 of the part-time allowance is required to file a tax settlement. This is because although the part-time allowance is exempt from tax, it increases the tax rate on taxable income.

Temporary workers a praca na short-time work

Leasehold workers (Leiharbeiteter) can work part-time if the company employing them allows this form of work. However, there must be a contract with the home employer and adequate insurance.

Are you entitled to sick pay while working on Kurzarbeit?

The employer is obliged to pay a worker on sick leave as if he or she were still working. The employee therefore does not lose his or her paycheck, but also does not receive special treatment.


Kurzarbeit is a very popular form of part-time employment when working in Germany. With this form of employment, employees can keep their jobs and employers do not have to reduce staff in the event of an economic downturn. You will find the information and the amount of Kurzarbeit income you have earned in item 15 on your Lohnsteuerbescheinigung. You can settle your income from Germany with BorsukPodatki.pl


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