Change of tax class (DE)

Changing tax class in Germany is quite a popular procedure among people who are looking to save on their taxes. This is because it is often a really cost-effective solution that is worth thinking about, among other things, when your life situation changes. How do you change your tax class? Rely on our foreign settlement office and leave the formalities in the hands of our experienced consultants – welcome!

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    Changing tax class – Germany. When should you think about it?

    Sometimes taxpayers are not satisfied with their assigned tax class in Germany. When do they think about changing it? Most often when there are changes in marital status. Such situations include:

    However, the most common case of a change of classes is when one spouse is not working or has a low income at the level of the so-called mini-job, i.e. around €450 per month.

    How do I change my tax class in Germany?

    The process of changing tax class in Germany is not complicated – it usually involves going to the tax office (Finanzamt) and submitting the appropriate form to it.

    To be able to change the tax class, documents such as:

    • an identity card or passport if the application is made in person,
    • a completed form (which can be obtained from the office or from the Finanzamt website),
    • an optional informal application with personal information, as well as a tax and identification number.

    Changing tax class in Germany – how often can you opt for it?

    From 2020 onwards, German legislation allows a change of tax class a maximum of twice a year. Exceptions are special situations such as the death of a spouse, in which case a more frequent change is allowed.

    If you are thinking about changing your tax class in Germany but don’t know where to start, come to our foreign settlement office. We will help you fill out the application and contact the German tax office. Don’t waste your time and nerves talking to officials – entrust us with your case and enjoy peace of mind. We encourage you to contact us and make use of our services – for many years we have also been helping you to recover tax refunds from Germany and beyond. Welcome – Borsuk Podatki.

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